Summer of 2022 a New Heavy Spec’d Tandem was purchased to add to our fleet. This truck should be road worthy late September 2022 and will be able to carry in the neighborhood of 30,000 pounds of building material and help with the amount of deliveries we do into North West Ontario. Stay tuned to see the final truck with our classic LumberZone Decal package.


The semi is the go to truck for big loads. With a 53′ tri-axle flatdeck capable of hauling 62,000 pounds, we can deliver the largest deliveries the customer can order. Our trailer also hauls 1 of 3 moffetts so we can forklift loads right off the trailer and drop them where you need. Whether it’s a full house package or a load of Insulated Concrete Forms with rebar, our semi can handle your largest requests. Give us a call today and get our expert drivers to bring your load out to your job site.

"Two Niner"

A 26′ cube van that specializes in pickups and transferring product from our Steinbach Distribution Warehouse to our three stores all over Manitoba. It is also used for delivering a pile of interior finishing packages including kitchen cabinets, doors and trims.

"Mickey Blue Eyes"

A 2014 Freightliner Day Cab which pulls a semi trailer and 1 of 3 Tag Along forklifts for easy unload and placement of building materials on building sites all over Manitoba. Both our semis travel completing large deliveries for all three of our locations which include Steinbach, Stonewall and Transcona.   Mickey Blue Eyes loves to haul loads of insulation, Including Certainteed Fiberglass and Rockwool mineral fibre or large fence packages for land developers

"Big Boy"

A 2022  F750 was added to the fleet after earlier success with Twin Brother IRON HIDE. This truck can haul 17000 pounds of any building materials or upon request can deliver your new PIT BOSS Smoker purchased from The LumberZone. As our sales grow our fleet grows to maintain the level of delivery service that allows our customers to complete projects on time and on budget.


A 2018 F750 that can haul 17000 pounds was added to the fleet in March 2020.  It will be used to deliver large amounts of Rebar, Plywood and OSB.  Stationed in Stonewall it hauls deliveries year round and is a parade favorite in the Santa Clause and Quarry Days Parade.


We added to the fleet in March 2018 to help The LZ maintain the level of service that our customers expect. This 5 tonne truck with its tag along forklift can haul 20,000 pounds of lumber, drywall, composite decking, interior finishing etc.


The most versatile of our fleet is the boom truck. Whether you need shingles craned right onto your roof, or drywall into a second or third story, our experienced boom operator can do it all. With a maximum reach of 50 feet into the air you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to shingle a roof when you don’t have to carry the shingles up a ladder. We ensure a safe and well-spread delivery on every roof. Don’t injure your back carrying drywall up a flight of stairs, why not just get us to bring it right up to a second-floor window and drop it in the house! Our state of the art boom truck is ready to serve your every need.


​We doubled down with a second boom truck in the spring of 2018.
The ability we have with two boom trucks to service our customers in the drywall, insulation and shingle game is exponentially improved with this addition to our fleet.  And with a 25,000 sq/ft storage facility in Steinbach stocked with truck loads of drywall, insulation (Rockwool and Owens Corning) as well as cellulose we are the people you want to call for quality service and the best quality products.    Both of our boom trucks will travel delivering drywall and shingles from Halbstadt to Gimli and Treherne to Falcon Lake.


The LumberZone has 13 forklifts which include three moffetts for specialized job site deliveries.  With all that machinery we are prepared to get your order delivered on time saving you money, because time is the inventory you can never get more of, unless you own a 1982 DMC-12 DeLorean

"5 Fighter"

Our 16’ F550 is great for delivering products into tight spaces.  With our company decals it is a sleek looking vehicle and great for parades and community events.  It’s built Ford Tough so your product arrives on time as scheduled.

"Puffy Dump"

This truck formerly known as Puffy operated as a cube van that looked after most small store to store transfers as well as wholesaler pick ups until it was re-purposed to provide a different level of service. The van body was removed and a state of the art deck and hoist were installed to create Puffy Dump, or The Truck Formerly Known as Puffy. Honk the horn when passing by this truck and win an imaginary prize.


Stormchaser, our deckover trailer is perfect for those small loads in town. Since we can pull this guy around with our half tonnes, deliveries go quickly and efficiently. Plus the electric blue colour is the perfect match to our other trucks!