5 Fighter

Our 16’ F550 is great for delivering products into tight spaces.  With our company decals it is a sleek looking vehicle and great for parades and community events.  It’s built Ford Tough so your product arrives on time as scheduled.

Puffy Dump

This truck formerly known as Puffy operated as a cube van that looked after most small store to store transfers as well as wholesaler pick ups until it was re-purposed to provide a different level of service. The van body was removed and a state of the art deck and hoist were installed to create Puffy Dump, or The Truck Formerly Known as Puffy. Honk the horn when passing by this truck and win an imaginary prize.


Stormchaser, our deckover trailer is perfect for those small loads in town. Since we can pull this guy around with our half tonnes, deliveries go quickly and efficiently. Plus the electric blue colour is the perfect match to our other trucks!