Brenden Sutherland

Years of Industry Experience: 5 years


Stonewall Location

A proud father of four children. Brenden is the ultimate family man.  Brenden Joined us in 2018 and has worked as a Estimator, Service Desk personal and is now a full time Project Sales Guy. In his full time Brenden is very diverse with his hobbies. His love for sports includes teams such as the Edmonton Oilers, Green Bay Packers as well as Toronto Raptors and Blue Jays. When not watching sports and being “LZ Dad of the Year” he loves to tinker with writing novel’s. Brenden looks after large and small customers and is particularly good and communicating thru email and text message with customers who prefer that communication method. Ask Brendan about our Brown Treated Tanatone wood. He is an expert!


Work: 204-467-5571

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