Elmer Abrams

Years of Industry Experience: 3 years

Brand Management

Steinbach Store

Elmer was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. At an early age of 4 years old his family moved to Grunthal Manitoba. In 2019 Elmer got married & moved to Kleefeld Manitoba. Elmer is an excellent communicator in English and low german which was the first language he learned as a child.  Elmer has a passion for graphic design and photography.  When he isn’t busy at The LumberZone creating cool Content for Our Social Media/Website you’ll find him at home with his wife watching a show or movie on Netflix. Some activities he also enjoys are playing Ping Pong, Camping, and fishing. Although his love for fishing expires quickly when the fish are not biting and he has run out of snacks. Elmer has also spent much time at the Grunthal Dirt bike Track taking action shots of all the riders. In the Dirtbike Community he was known as “E.A.P”.


Work: 204-346-1633