Ira Dyck

Years of Industry Experience: 19 years

Sales Manager & LumberZone Shareholder

Ira’s official title is Sales Manager, but as a shareholder of The LumberZone his duties go far beyond that of a regular Sales Manager. Ira also oversees The LumberZone’s house design and blueprint department. With eighteen years of construction and blueprint design experience, Ira will often have ideas that can ensure a more cost-effective project that is built better and safer. Whether a house, garage, shop or farm building, Ira can complete your stamped blueprints. Visit him today and ask how you can get your blueprints for free. Ira and his wife Kali, married in 2006, are enjoying family life with 11-year-old twins Elijah and Trinity, 9-year-old Judah, and 8-year-old Korah. Ira spent 4 years as a goalie for the St. Malo Junior B team. For the past 15 years, Ira and his wife have spent much of their time volunteering at their church in various capacities.


Cell: 204-381-7111

Work: 204-346-1633

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