Mason Hartung

Years of Industry Experience: 6 years

Service Desk

Steinbach Store

Mason graduated in 2021 from the SRSS high school in Steinbach. He is our first 2nd generation employee, as he is the son of Joel Hartung (LZ Shareholder). After high school grad, and 4 years of part-time work at the LumberZone, he also graduated to a Service Desk position at our Steinbach Store. This job involves looking after customers, quoting small packages–like decks and fences, or helping customers find that small box of nails or bag of fertilizer during their visit. He also helps the Sales Team in delivering that emergency, or extension cord or last sheet of OSB to our loyal customers. Mason played hockey, volleyball, golf and baseball–growing up competing for Team Manitoba in baseball. He won back-to-back-to-back Western Canadian Championships in baseball and was known for being lethal with a bat. He is also known for consuming more water and snacks on the bench than any other teammate. When he hops in his car he never moves without the music playing and if you ask if you can try on one of his 6 baseball gloves the answer will be no. Those are formed to his hand and his hand alone.


Work: 204-346-1633

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